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Directions to Tri-H Arena in Bozeman
for May and June 2009 Clinics


Tri-H Arena is a private facility located about 20 minutes southwest of downtown Bozeman. This overview map gives general directions from the 19th Street exit of I-90. Green dots represent stop lights. Note that Main Street angles south from the intersection with 19th and can be taken to the north end of Cottonwood Road as an alternate route. (The name changes from Main to Huffine at that point.) That portion of Cottonwood is narrow and without shoulders, so is not recommended for big rigs. But, it provides the fastest route to Weebees on Huffine, the closest cafe to the arena.

From Cottonwood, turn west onto Johnson Road (gravel). Proceed to Van Dyke Road (also gravel), turning south to the driveway leading to Tri-H Arena.

Here is a Google Earth view of the venue area:

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